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With a 360 degree visual advantage, shrink sleeves are a great product labeling option. These vibrant wrap-around packaging gems will definitely boost in-store shelf presence and generate stronger sales. Sleeves are Flexo and/or digitally printed on flexible shrink film and when heat is added, conform to the container shape for a sleek, attractive look. If it's vibrant exposure you want for your brand or product offering, then shrink sleeves are a perfect choice.​​​​​

RAN sleeves are developed  by...


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Shrink Sleeve Options
Let's get right to the point. You just want to sell tons of product and promote your brand in a postiive light. Well, step aside. We can make that happen better than anyone. Our tech guys really know their craft and get excited about developing new ideas. It's kind of what they live for. If our team is not creating and having fun, they just do not feel fulfilled. So, how does this benefit our clients? Far superior packaging that others will envy.
  1. New Age
    Our advanced techniques are truly industry firsts. By manipulating a sequence of subtle light refractions in our designs, the finished look is quite SPECTACULAR.
  2. Metallic
    In order to stand apart from competitors you really have to shine. Forget about the overdone glitz looks of the past. We do stylish effects that are simply AWESOME.
  3. Matte Finish
    Others will say they can create matte effects that are really great. Well, great is a little tame for us. We only deal in OUTSTANDING.
  4. Textured
    The options are endless for creating something special and identifiable. Your brand personality will be able to do nothing but ASTOUND.
If you are looking for something unique that is leading edge... we 've got it!
Our team has developed some pretty amazing ways to enhance shrink sleeves with innovative shimmer effects that are truly stunning. A new enhancement for superior packaging has arrived.
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Shrink Sleeve Advantage


Scratch Resistant

Brings Bottle Shape to Life

Easily Add Tamper Evident Seals

Keep Moving.

Stay Sharp And Lead The Way.

Great packaging results are not achieved overnight. If you rush the process, things may fail and disappointment will certainly ensue. With RAN sleeves, you can feel confident the end result will be simply remarkable. We consider ourselves ​​​​Gold Medalists in Sports Nutrition Packaging and are always pushing hard to stay ahead of the curve. We believe consumer packaging is constantly evolving and new techniques and designs are paramount for making products stand apart. We are passionate in what we do and consider ourselves true innovators.

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